I’m a professional software developer and an amateur linguist (amateur both in the original and every current sense of the word). This website is dedicated to promote my linguistic work, so a few words about that:

As a linguist, I’m interested in natural language semantics. I wrote my dissertation on distributivity — a topic that is concerned with the phenomenon when we talk about a group of things (a plurality) but actually say something about the members of that group. Take the sentence The lawyers ate two muffins for breakfast for example: sometimes it means the lawyers as a group ate two muffins for breakfast, but sometimes it can mean that each of the lawyers ate two muffins. In my dissertation, I mainly focused on what the members of the group involved in distributivity can be like: do they have to be individual members? or can they be subgroups? or maybe even parts of the individual members? The answer I found in my thesis is ‘yes’.

Nowadays, I have a couple of personal sloooow-burn projects on the side: ever since I started to work on them for my dissertation, I’m fascinated by Hungarian reduplicated numerals, and I’m still working on an analysis that properly captures their meaning (it’s distributivity… with a twist!). Working together with Brigitta R. Schvarcz, I am also trying to understand what classifiers do in Hungarian (especially when they combine with count nouns).

If you are interested in my work or in Hungarian data, drop me a line at [email address below].

Schnuffi y yo